As creatives and fashion enthusiasts, Like New aims to help the individual or the creative performer who wants to excel in their way of dressing by encapsulating the different elements of style. Our methods benefit the individual by creating compelling archetypes through intentional dressing. Meanwhile, we offer creatives performers the luxury of focusing on their craft while we take care of the style. We’ll style you and create your content. There is a certain grace felt in the body and mind that comes with wearing what’s right for you. We help you find that feeling…

Our services include:

  • Styling includes: (archetype breakdown, colors, proportions volume, fitting)
  • Outfit rentals
  • Content creation (photo & video)
  • Creative direction (conceptualizing themes, props, settings, etc)

Our photography services (digital & film) include:

  • Portrait shoots (studio or street-style)
  • Product shoots
  • Photo studio space rental
  • Event coverage
  • Collaborative projects

Our video services (VHS & HD) include:

  • Creative concept videos
  • Music Videos
  • Event Coverage
  • Personal Media Coverage
  • Collaborative projects

Please fill out the form below to inquire about details and rates. Once we have the necessary information through a more in-depth conversation, we can work on building a personalized package that works for everyone. But if it’s not a win-win we won’t bite.In your email please confirm what you are looking for in our services and we’ll dive deeper from there. Feel free to ask questions too, we love questions.

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